Timeless Kitchens Ltd. offered nearly 1000 different combinations of finish and door styles.

Q – What are the most durable door and drawer fronts?

A – Laminate is the most durable whereas painted finishes with higher sheen are least durable.

Q – What are the types of solid wood doors available??

Three general types are Solid Slab, Flat Panel (F/P) and Raised Panel (R/P).

Q -What are the least to most expensive cabinet fronts available?

A – Melamine, Laminate, Painted (MDF), F/P Wood, R/P Wood, Glazing Poly, PVC/Vinyl, Wood Veneers

Q – What are the differences between a five piece wood doors?

A – The center panel section is either a 3/16 Veneer or a three-quarter solid wood R/P. Also, the doors are assembled using two methods square (90°) or mitre (45°) joints. Square joints being the cheaper option.

Q – Can five piece wooden doors be painted or just stained?

A – Yes, they can be painted but sooner or later the paint WILL crack along the joint lines.The solution is to order a solid one piece frame MDF door and paint that instead.

Q – How should wood doors be cleaned and maintained?

A – A slightly moist and soft cloth with a mild soap if required! Never let moisture sit on any wooden surface.

Q – Are wood doors made with consistent grains?

A – No, real wood is never as consistent as man made products! If it will bother you, please use a man made material.

Q – How long will it take to get a kitchen from start to end completed?

A – Generally it takes 4 to 8 weeks some projects can take longer depending on size, complexity and timing..

Q – What info is needed to start a new kitchen project?

A – Appliances and room dimensions are all that’s needed to start the design process. What cabinet options are to be used can be decided after the design is completed.

Q – If I have a picture of what I like can it be duplicated?

A – Yes, pictures are very helpful since most people don’t know the proper name what they want. We can duplicate 99% of what is available in the North American market.


Surfaces require regular dusting. When cleaning is needed, use a water-dampened cloth (or a mild non-bleach detergent and water) followed by a dry cloth. Do not use strong cleaners. Remove liquid spills from wood immediately with a dry cloth. Avoid contact with sharp objects including writing without a pad. Exposure of wood to sunlight or extreme sources of heat may damaged or fade colour. Do not step on or lean against open drawers or shelves. Do not open more than one drawer at a time. With proper care your new cabinets will provide many years of dependable service and enjoyment for you and your family.


Part of the charm that led you to choose cabinets constructed with natural woods and veneers is the character of the wood itself. That character is a result of color and grain variations within and between the different wood components used to craft your cabinets. These variations are considered features not defects, and will enhance the natural beauty of your cabinets.

Timeless Kitchens is pleased to help you turn your house into your dream home.